What we're currently working on...


One of our first projects is to convert 2.5 acres of our northeast pasture/yard into orchard. In the spring of 2017, we will plant 50 combined fig, apple, and peach trees.  The cuttings for the figs were taken from a tree originally brought to the United States from Greece 60 years ago. We do not know the variety, or whether it will survive in our 6A hardiness zone, but we are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best! 





Delilah's All-Purpose Seasoning

A recipe long in the making, Delilah's is a dried chili-based all-purpose seasoning.  Currently on our 7th version, we now have the final recipe! We are working on sourcing the bulk ingredients until the greenhouse is built and we begin growing our own ingredients. Stay tuned for more news about Delilah's and the 'Sprinkle the D!' launch. 


Mobile Egg Layer Chicken Coop

One of the critical components of our pasture-based system will be our egg laying hens. We purchased an old two axle trailer and several chicken feeders from the previous landowner and will transform these into a mobile chicken coop for our hens. The coop will be moved from pasture to pasture, following the cattle, spreading manure and feasting on tasty insect larvae and eggs. While free ranging, the chicken will be protected by electric poultry nettings and our (soon to be adopted) livestock guardian dog. 

Greener Pastures Sign - Farm Entrance

Our property has two entrances, one driveway to the house and another to our pole barn. To distinguish the two, we will plan to build our Greener Pastures Farm sign at the entrance to the pole barn, where parking is available and most of our farm operations will occur.