Our Animals

We are currently raising grass-fed beef cattle and pastured chickens for eggs and meat. We plan to expand our operations in 2018 to include additional breeds of chickens and a small number of pigs. We raise our animals all-natural and free of antibiotics. Their lives are spent on pasture and in the sun where they belong.


Our small herd consists mainly of Hereford and Hereford-cross cattle. They are grass fed on pasture their entire life. We practice rotational grazing to ensure our animals always have access to fresh forage.We have four breeding cows, two of which are bred and expected to calve in the spring of 2018. We also have a resident Hereford bull and several young calves. We will spend 2018 determining the ideal size and composition of our herd. 


We selected Rhode Island Reds for our starter flock of chickens. They are a versatile breed that we are using for both our laying hens and meat chickens. Rhode Island Reds are prolific layers of large brown eggs and the birds themselves grow to a nice size for the table. We have several roosters and started hatching our own fertilized eggs in 2018. Our chickens live the majority of their lives on pasture. Our hens reside in a large coop built on an old hay wagon frame that is moved weekly. Our meat birds live in smaller chicken tractors that are moved daily. We will be adding the American Bresse chicken to our flock in late spring 2018. Famed in France for their unmatched flavor and steel-blue legs, a select few breeders in the U.S. have successfully imported this breed and now market it as the American Bresse. We will attempt to hatch from carefully sourced fertilized eggs and will grow our flock from there.