Greener Pastures Farm

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We're just getting started...

Greener Pastures Farm is our small slice of Eden two and a half hours from Washington, DC.  At just under 50 acres, the land is defined by a small valley running east to west and bisected by a stream and minor access road. The farm has 32 acres of pasture, 13 acres of woods, and soon to be 2 acres of orchard. The remainder of land is in structures and roads. Our largest pasture is fenced and ready for more animals in the spring. 

We're raising all natural, pasture-raised beef, hogs, and eggs, while attempting to slowly nurture and rehabilitate the land.

Greener Pastures is the culmination of a lifetime of planning and preparing. This website is as much for our records and documentation as it is for your curiosity and enjoyment.  This is only the beginning. Stay tuned as we build our farm business, raise happy and healthy livestock, and try to live life on our terms.